Emily McGowan was born in St. Louis, Missouri and is currently working in Kansas City. She graduated in 2017 from the University of Kansas in Lawrence with two BFA degrees in Textiles/Fiber Arts and Art History. She has a passion for all things well-made.

Her interest in textiles began as a young child, learning to crochet, sew, and embroider from her grandma. She found comfort in working with her hands to create a useful object. By the age of sixteen, Emily had her own spinning wheel and was hand-spinning yarn. Currently, she spins, weaves, dyes, embroiders, and sews. She is inspired by the little inconsistencies in handmade things, as they created a story and a connection between artist and object and user. Emily believes good design means durable and meaningful, as well as beautiful. Wherever her path leads next, she will continue to make things by hand.

instagram: @efingm